Personal: Scandinavia

No fashion post today, I wanted to write you about something else. I've noticed that for many people Scandinavia is some kind of unexplored, unknown, far away area in the North of Europe. And I must admit that before our trip through Sweden and Norway in 2010 and before moving here, I had the same feeling. Back then I thought of Scandinavia as being minimalistic, distant, lonely, full of reindeers, salmon, silent woods and blond beautiful people, dark, and, thus, not holiday proof.

Now I would use different adjectives to describe how I feel about Scandinavia. I admire the point of view of Northern people: they value basic things such as family, trust, respect for every race, gender or idea and off course nature. It seems that they are one with nature, they go outdoors as much as they can: it may snow, be minus 15 and very dark outside, they still take out their ski's after work for a cross country trip in the mountains. This doesn't mean people don't like to go out and cities aren't vibrant: I can assure you that they definitely know how to throw a party (or at least Norwegians do so:)). And although Northern people might not be as open as, for example, Spaniards are, they are kind and generous.

Off course, beautiful blond girls and reindeers are also well presented here but Scandinavia is much more than that. It has something mysterious and even magical :). So, if you're doubting on where to go on your next holiday or citytrip, I can firmly suggest you to visit Northern Europe. I'm happy to hear your thoughts on this subject. 

X, Sarah


  1. This is beautiful! My mum is a big fan of Scandinavia (it's her lifelong dream to travel there), and I'm a bit ashamed to admit I haven't been after living in Europe for more than 3 years! Must do it at some point ;)

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Some time ago you commented on an inspiration post of mine asking which designer some shoes were from, and I found out!
    The collection is so gorgeous that I did a whole post of it here
    xIris from Irisistible

  3. You make me want to go to scandinavia!