OFW '12: the kick off





The 17th Oslo Fashion Week has started yesterday and, my god, what an opening night. This is the first fashion week I'm attending and I know I don't have anything to compare it to, but the kick off was incredible. I've seen beautiful designs, silhouettes, fabrics, shoes, nits etc. 
It started with Redken and L'Oreals make-up and hair trends for FW12. Then the Norwegian Designer Show started: various Norwegian designers showed us what fashion is all about. Among them was Nora Farah, whose nits I particularly liked. All very feminine and established with the finest fabrics. 

I will be attending several shows later on this week and updates will follow, just as pictures of the outfit I was wearing yesterday evening. Rarara, it is in one piece and one of my favourite summer designs? 



  1. This looks incredible! I'm sure it was an awesome experience to be physically present! Can't wait to see more beautiful images of upcoming shows!