Fashion, literature, modern design, good food, friends and family are just a few of my passions. After graduating as a Master in Languages and Literature, I decided it was time to explore the world. After my first visit to South- East Asia, more specifically Vietnam, this blog and it's name was born. The ethnic minorities in northern Vietnam have been my inspiration throughout this blogging journey. Keep on smiling, chase your dreams and never give up lay on the base for this blog. 

I'm currently living in Norway - also part of the big "let us explore the world plan" - and I'm loving it. The people, the culture, the fish, the nature and above all the language are flawless. Books, linguistics, languages (you can never know enough languages) are very important to me. Wih this blog however I'd like to share my love for passion and lifestyle with you and hope to be some kind of inspiration in a way, just as the asian people have been for me.