Pressday Antwerpen

 Steve Madden wall: pumps, pumps, pumps.

 These Alberto Fermani shoes I loved most. 

 I'm a real Annelies Timmermans' fan. She uses really soft Italian leather and is very creative in her designs:
she designed a special flute bag for my father.
 I didn't really know what to think about the Roxy collection. A bit too flashy for me :).

Yesterday I attented my first pressday here in Antwerp. Together with Elien from http://dogsanddresses.blogspot.com/ I went to the Pravda showroom, where we got to see the AW '11 collections from Steve Madden, Roxy, Nike, Alberto Fermani, Annelies Timmermans etc.I It has been a very nice experience and I want to thank the Pravda crew for having me.

X, Saar


Ai Caramba

Our comments on the swapping event got published :).
Later on today I will be attending my first pressday at the Pravda showroom.
I'm excited to see what the A/W '11 collections look like.


Contemporary Fashion Days

Bruno Pieters showroom

Two times a year there are the so-called 'contemporary fashion days' in Antwerp, where Belgian designers as Dries van Noten, Bruno Pieters, Haider Ackermann etc. sell their last season (and earlier) designs for very good prices. Today I went to Bruno Pieters (pictures above) and DVN. It was crazy, at Dries van Noten, you could get really beautiful pieces for only 25 euros. I scored pants, completely orange, which are so nice :). The contemporary fashion days are up until this weekend, if you are in Antwerp you should definitely check it out. This is their website: http://www.blogffi.be/2011/04/08/con-temporary-fashion-days/.

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Bright white

chiffon dress made in Vietnam
bag and sandals from Morocco

"Belgium is the hottest place in Europe", can you imagine that?
The past week has been like summer: relaxing, barbecueing, sunshine, fresh shrimps :)
All my summer clothes are back on top of the shelves, what a feeling!
For Eastern I chose this dress which was made for me by some vietnamese tailors.
Incredible how they can make exactly what you want, how you want it.
Enjoy the sun!

XX, Saar


Nieuwpoort: impressions

White Residence where I already come since I was about 3 years old.
A lot of memories here :).

Vedett (what a beer) & fresh shrimps :).

I had to search hard but in the end I found my new high heeled sandals right here at Nieuwpoort. I actually never wear heels, I'm a real 'flattie' :), but I couldn't resist these cognac beauties.
Hopefully I will be wearing them a lot. What do you think?


Chilly walks

I'm wearing:
Zara yellow pants
Sissiboy t-shirt

At Eastern we always spend some time at our grey belgian coast.
We already came here since I was a baby, so I have quite some memories here at Nieuwpoort.
I love the smell of the sea, little children playing in the sand, the sound of go carts crossing around, sea shells on the beach :), unfortunately I also have to study.
Since I spend most of my time in between learning and "playing" on the beach I mostly dress basic and comfortable.

X, Saar


Why ethnic?

Ever since I was young I loved backpacking: the Pyreneen, Scandinavia, Swiss ... This summer me, my brother and one of my dearest friends went backpacking through Vietnam.
At first I was quite afraid of what we would find there, I didn't know if we would be able to travel well, how the people would be etc. It would be my first big trip outside of Europe and I must admit it was heaven on earth. Most of all I was impressed by the ethnic minorities in North Vietnam: their lifestyle and state of mind is truly amazing. That's why my boyfriend and I decided to do Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia this year :). I can't wait!

X, Saar



Picture by stylescrapbook.com

Picture by theblondesalad.com

Picture by afterdrk.com

The reason why I started this blog are the above bloggers: the mexican Stylescrapbook, the dutch Afterdrk and the italian Blonde Salad. Their posts are truly inspirational. They have followers all over the world. Like they say themselves: they are living their dreams. To accomplish what they did, would be a dream for me :).



fresh white sheets

With this weather my favourite fruit are strawberries. Strawberries in the morning,
the evening and even at night :).

After a long search, I finally found my perfect new eau de toilette.
For her from Narcisco Rodriguez: mmm.


Inspiration streetstyle

When I read the gossip magazines I'm almost always amazed how nonchalant-chique some stars are. The above pictures inspire me a lot. Mainly Vanessa Zhor's outfit, casual levi's shorts and a sweater, yet she seems so stylish :).


Swapping is the new shopping

I'm wearing:
COS dress
Fred de la Bretonnière shoes
my mother's scarf

I was so excited when I found out I was invited - for the first time as a blogger - to this event called "Swapping is the new shopping". The idea behind 'swapping' is to shop whithout spending any money :). So yesterdag evening me and a dear friend went to the Ingrid Deuss Gallery to 'swap' some 'high fashion' clothes. We arrived in this beautiful gallery where the sweet hostess Elise made sure we were at ease. And then the swapping started: I got myself a beautiful oilily scarf and a funky vintage t-shirt. We had a blast! Check out the website "www.swapping.be" to know more about the idea and to check the dates and hotspots that Elise and her team are visiting.

We are having our first barbeque of the year this evening and I can already smell the meat roasting :). Have a nice weekend everybody and sorry for the blurry outfit picture.

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