Time machine

Wearing: Vans sneakers, MArni for H&M bangels, American Vintage skirt, Cos top, Isabel Marant blazer.

A new week has started and I can't believe how quickly everything is going. I can still remember the first day I set foot on Norwegian soil :-), and now we're almost June! 
This Isabel Marant blazer is as vintage as it can be: I found it at a flee marked. Although it's more a winter piece I couldn't wait to wear it!

Hope you've had a great weekend, Sarah. 


A 'Lindex' breakfast

I would love to start every wednesday like I did this week: with a very healthy breakfast, lovely Pr peeps and a beautiful collection to look at.
Wednesday the new Lindex collection was showed at the This Is Pr showroom and I must say: it looks lovely!
On the hand side I've seen very colorful designs such as the read sweater and vibrant scarfs. On the other hand deep brown and dark will always score when thinking in terms of autumn.
If I could chose 2 things I would go for the fluffy red sweater (first picture) and gorgeous scarf (last picture).
But there is much more to show you (think Bik Bok): soon on the blog!

Tusen takk ThisIsPr for invitasjonen.
X, Sarah.


I won!

During our city trip in Budapest I recieved an e-mail saying that I had won this gorgeous Moo handbag. I literally started dancing trough our hotel room! The beige color is perfect for summer, the leather is incredibly soft and it is just big enough. Tusen takk igjen Lilisfashion :-).

Here in Oslo it is getting brighter by the minute. I can almost feel the days getting longer... An incredible feeling! Also, the weather is G to the REAT! They're predicting 25 degrees for this weekend and I have great plans ahead (think: kayakking, sleeping in a tent, beautiful lakes, a good book and awesome company).


This is Norway 2#

1. Hanneli Mustaparta: Norway's most known fashion blogger and my absolute favourite :).

2. Sara Strand: a very personal favourite. Her style is very simple, just the way I like it. She writes both in Norwegian and English.

3. Camilla Pihl :  this pretty Norwegian has found the perfect balance between sharing personal things, outfits and her cooking skills. Very diverse! She only writes in Norwegian.

4. Gine Margrethe maintains a nice and simple blog revealing her very appealing closet.

5. Style Devil: a blogger that definitely had to be on this list is Marian, the blogger behind StyleDevil. She has an incredibly edgy style which suits her great :).

Hanneli Mustaparta, Norway's most known fashion blogger, was the 
only Norwegian blogger I knew before moving here. I must admit that she is my absolute favourite: not only her style is flawless, minimalistic, simple and sophisicated but also the pictures she takes are mindblowing (Sorry for the overload of superlatives :-). 

I - being a fool - thought that the Norwegian blogosphere would be rather small. That is until I actually moved here and discovered the wide range of blogs this country has to offer. I selected my 5 favourites: they are absolutely worth taking a look at! 

X, Sarah



Prints, prints, prints, I just had to take this silky trousers home :-). The weather in Oslo has been wonderful the past few days, so I'm keeping it short because a barbeque is waiting!

See you, Sarah.



Wearing: American Vintage skirt, Cos T-Shirt, Zara Cardigan, Bensimon flats.

I always swore I would never ever buy one piece twice. That is until I bumped into this American Vintage skirt: it is pure perfection! I did buy it in 2 different colors: grapefruit and deep blue :-). A very basic holiday proof outfit...

X, Sarah


A hungarian break.

I admit: when being on holiday, or on a city-trip in this case, I only think of blogging in terms of taking nice pictures to show you after the break :-). I spent the past 4 days in Budapest and it was lovely: good food, 25 degrees, home made pastries, a glass of cava, beautiful architecture and interesting museums. My cup of tea! You can expect some nice posts coming up with very summery outfits :-).

X, Sarah