With this weather only one word: HEADBANDS :).
I love it how they can spice up an outfit, how they can brighten up your face when still being pale and how they protect you against the sun.

Off to study again, Saar!


High heeled

This is what I wore to the Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda presentation. I know: my Dries van Noten pants again, but I'm just so crazy in love with it :). This time I paired it with high heels - they saw the light for the first time - a Rue Blanche blouse and my moms favourite Cos jacket. I really like it how one piece can be transformed from casual with sandals to afternoon-tea-party chique with high heels. Hope you'll like it as well.

X, Saar


Tiany KiriLOVE high tea party

 Delicious macarons, strawberries and cake at the Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda presentation.

 Tiany Kiriloff and 2 models in her own designed clothing.
I loved the knitted cardigan: perfect for cosy winter night, right?

 Bloggers, stylist and press united to see Tiany Kiriloves collection for Vero Moda.

Bloggers united.
Picture by Elien.

Yesterday Belgiums most famous fashionista, Tiany Kiriloff, presented her first clothing collection in collaboration with Vero Moda and it was GORGEOUS ;). As you can see, Tiany designed an edgy, comfortable and young line perfect for girls: a big knitted cardigan, a beautiful blue (!) dress, a pink blazer, a blouse with a comfy baby collar and many many more. Affordable fashion, just like we love it ;)! The collection will be available as of september in all Vero Moda shops in Belgium. For more information you can always check out miss Kiriloffs own blog: belmodo.tv.

 As Tiany told us herself, her collaboration with the danish brand Vero Moda was like a dream came true. Thereby, she stressed the idea that everything is possible and that we all should chase our dreams.  

As you can see the whole afternoon was organized as a high tea party: we had lovely drinks, cakejes, cookies, macarons :) Really delicious. Thereby, I got to meet a lot of new people and fellow bloggers. I really didn't know there were so many? Anyways, we had a blast! Thanks to Bestseller, Listenup and Miss Tiany for this wonderful afternoon.

X, Saar

An outfitpicture of what I wore will be on the blog later this weekend. Now off to barbeque with friends ;).



Picture by bloggen.be

 Growing up as the daughter of a musician, there were 3 stages in my relationship towards music:

1) age 4 - 7: admiration. I had to, I wanted to, I needed to play an instrument myself. So, at the age of 4 I choose the violin.
2) age 7 - 12: whenever I could, I accompanied my dad to concerts, matinees, ensembles etc. Meanwhile, I played the violin with devotion.
3) age 12 - 17:  hearing my dad play the flute day after day, week after week, month after month slowly turned my love for music into an obligation: not again! Pff, do I really have to go to the academy of music? Therefore, at the age of 17 I stopped playing the violin as well as listening to any other kind of classical music. After all those years I honestly was fed up with it. Until this sunday ...

My brothers best friend, Mathias, who is a professional percussion player, had his final exam for the Academy. This is similar to a final dissertation on - lets say - economics or spanish literature. Although, I - once again - didn't feel like going to this concert, I felt a strong obligation towards my brother to go and support his best friend.

When we entered the room, I saw all these old people sitting there being ready for a "beautiful sunday morning full of music" and I really felt out of place. But then it happened, Mathias played his first solo piece on the kettledrum and I - without expecting it at all - I fell in love all over again with music. Honestly, I felt 4 again, listening to my dad playing a beautiful concerto on his flute,  feeling the magic he spread :)

This whole sunday morning I felt the magic of music again, so strongly that I'm considering re-playing the violin :). Do you also have those mixed feeling towards music? 

X, Saar


A bunch

 I found this dress on fashionata.be  and I immediately loved it.
The cut, the fabric = perfecto ;)

I loved every single piece of the Cherry Blossom Girl for Etam collection.
Sadly enough it was sold out in a new york minute.
I comfort myself by looking at the pictures :).

 Newspaper 23.05.2011: Brothers Dardenne win Grand Prix 2011 with Le gamin au vélo.
Unbelievable that they did it again, after the golden palm for L'enfant, they now got Le grand prix for Le gamin au vélo. Well done!
Can't wait to go and see it.

I couldn't resist including this picture.
How funny is this piggy? This picture really makes me smile :).

X, Saar


Outfit: A.F. Vandervorst

 Top: Vintage A.F. Vandervorst
Shorts: Zara

Do you also have some of these days where you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear?
For me today was one of those days until I discovered - in the back of my closet - this  vintage A.F. Vandervorst top, which I bought almost a year ago.  It is actually quite chique but with a simple short I found it perfect for this beautiful weather. 

Thank you all for following me and adding lovely comments,  I really appreciate it.

X, Saar 


There's a new musem in town ;)

As much of you already know, there is a new museum in Antwerp: MAS.
The city and his people have been living towards its opening for months.
Last weekend the museum finally opened and I couldn't wait to visit it.
Therefore, this morning - together with my students - I went to visit the museum and,
although I'm not a big navigation fanatic, I must say I really liked it :).
On the roof - on the 9th floor! - you have an amazing view all over Antwerp. 
So next time you are in Antwerp, I can really recommend you to visit the museum and his secrets.  

Oh Antwerp! :).

X, Saar. 


Outfit: high waisted

 Blouse: Zara
Skirt: COS
Boots: Van Dalen
I really like high waisted skirts and pants: you can wear them on a casual day to work but with the right top it's also very chique ;). This Cos skirt is one of my favourites.
As the weather in Belgium is not that good anymore, I think I'll go to the movies tomorrow. I've been longing to see "Norwegian Wood" which is a movie based on the novel by Haruki Murakami. The novel was very intimate and well written, so I hope the movie will be just as good. 

X, Saar


Want: cambridge satchel

Picture by The Cambridge Satchel Company
How perfect is this green beauty? Just today I discovered this webshop called: http://www.cambridgesatchel.co.uk. It really fits all my expectations of a good messenger bag: big enough for my teaching material, small enough to take on a stroll through Antwerp. Never ordered something online though :).

X, Saar



Yes, I confess! I'm a huge Javier Bardem fan. In my opinion, he is one of the best actors there is right now. I mainly respect his sobriety: he is just a plain, simple man who became a humble, worldwide known actor. He doesn't seek attention nor does he imposes values. I always tend to link this sobriety to his spanish background. That is, during my Erasmus time in Madrid, I got to know the spanish people as welcoming, down to earth and honest. 

Now, imagine this:
One the one hand side, you have this beautiful, extremely skilled and spanish speaking actor. On the other hand, you have one of the strangest but most competent directors of the 21st century. How could this go wrong? :)

Alejandro Ganzález Iñárritu, known as the director of Amorres Perros and Babel, has - finally - made a new movie called: 'Biutiful'. Although I'm not a big fan of Iñarritus rough way of filming, his movies have always left me deeply impressed.  He caresses - although not always subtle - the problems of our western society by putting mainly, sad and marginal people in the spotlight. Therefore, 'Biutiful' promises to be a shocking as well as impressive movie. And hey we always have Javier to watch :).

X, Saar


Sissy Boy

 T- shirt: Levi's
Pants: Sissy boy
Sandals: Morocco
Cardigan: Zara

A busy day of preparing classes, making copies and having drinks with a friend, requires an easy outfit :). Thank you all for your sweet comments on the blog, it really makes my day!

X, Saar


Outfit: vintage

 Dress: from my grandmother
Boots: Sacha
Scarf: Zara
Bag: pieces

I was so happy when I received this plain white dress as a gift from my grandmother.
I find it funny to see how everything is coming back :).
Vintage: I love it!


Royal Air Force

Just a quick post before I'm off to my new students (yes, I'm nervous ;)). This post is "dedicated" to my brother who has always chased his - "I want to be a pilot" - dream.  Although it is still a hobby, he has already earned his stripes within the Royal Belgian Air Force. I therefore take him as the perfect example of how nothing is imposible :).

X, Saar

Ps: What are your dreams?
Ps 2: Thank you for following me :) and keep on following me on Bloglovin and Google connect.


Outfit: Dries van Noten

 Pants: vintage Dries van Noten
Blouse: COS
Belt: COS

Remember the new - vintage - Dries van Noten pants that I found last week during the Contemporary Fashion Days? Well, here it is! The silk fabric is so soft that I feels like you're not wearing a pants at all :).

Have a nice weekend!



Inspiration: Coachella

Festival season is coming up! I selected the 3 - in my opinion - best outfits from this years Coachella festival in California. First in my top 3 is Diane Krugers perfect maxi skirt. She combines all trends: a simple maxi skirt with a loose top makes the perfect festival outfit :).

Second we have Kate Bosworth: casual as usual. 

Last, but definitely not least, we have the always sophisticated Alexa Chung.
All pictures from Catwalk Queen.


Outfit: basics

Cos dress
Cos jacket
Ikks boots
Backpack from South- Africa 

In Antwerp every single day on every single moment there are people sipping wine in bars, taking lunch in restaurants. Sometimes I find it strange to see all those people relaxing, I often think: Don't you have to work or do something? :) Todays outfit is mainly comfy and comfy for me equals Cos. They always give a nice twist to very simple clothes.

X, Saar 



Although I've always had a predilection for spanish literature and poetry, my language and literature studies (german and spanish) showed me the - very often unknown - 'grandeur' of the german literature. From my point of view, the german autors and linguistics are among the bests in the world: next to the world wide known Goethe, Gunter Grass and Alfred Döblin, nowadays you can find - the still very young - Juli Zeh, who writes complicated and profoundly accurate novels. 

I have to admit, however, that I will always be more attracted to spanish or latin american writers. That is, from the moment that I discoverd the poetry from Pablo Neruda, a chilean poet, I was literally blown away by his flawless ability to express what we all feel when we are in love .  Meanwhile, I have - with the exception of 2 - all the collections of poetry which have ever been published by him. If you don't know Pablo Neruda (yet), I warmly suggest you to read one or two of his poems: you will instantly understand what I mean :).

In this moment I am reading a novel by the dutch writer Herman Koch called "Zomerhuis met zwembad". It has not been translated yet and I'm still figuring out what I really think of it - maybe I'll just have to read it until the end first :). What kind of poetry/literature/autors do you like?