Wearing: Scapa hat, Rue Blanche scarf, Zara cardigan, Soaked in Luxury dress, Calvin Klein leggings, Van Dalen boots.

Although there is no so much snow yet, Oslo really is winterwonderland and each day I am loving this city more and more. I think I might stay here a bit longer as planned :-). These are actually the last days before heading back to Belgium for the holidays, luckily I will be back soon in my beloved city. 

Today we had a julelunsj (christmaslunsj) with friends and I decided to go for a total greyish look. I love to put together different shades of the same color, gets you a lovely effect. What have you been up to?

X, Sarah



 Pictures unknown. Expect for number 3. and 5. - Hanneli Mustaparta

Hereby I include some of the pictures which form part of my giant "inspiration album". 
I am, and for many years have been, a giant fan of mustard.I think it looks great within every season. In the last picture you can see Hanneli Mustaparta, whom I find extremely inspirational. Het style is flawless and she shoots the most beautiful pics :). 

X, Sarah


Norwegian showroom

I was so curious to see what Spring/Summer 2012 had to offer that I was a bit sad that I wasn't able to go to the belgian pressdays. Fortunately, I could read how it was on various belgian blogs :). Still I was pretty happy to recieve an invitation from Patrikkson Communication to visit the Don Donna & Morris pressday and to take a look in their beautiful showroom. 

I've collected some of my favourite pieces of what I saw in the showroom. I really liked the designs of the Don Donna handbags and the Designers Remix platforms (although I would never be able to walk on them)  but I was completely stunned by this beautiful Marimekko dress. We have an important wedding coming up in August and I could already imagine myself wearing this crazy, flowery dress. Do you like it?

X, Sarah
Tusen takk for invitasjonen Pia og Patriksson Communication.



Wearing: Zara cardigan, Zara pants, IKKS booties, Pieces bag, Wood shirt.

After a wonderful winter weekend in Oslo, I am happy to spend my sunday night in. It has been busy but oh so nice. I'm falling in love with this city, it's vibe, the people and the amazing nature. 

Since we went christmas shopping, I picked a simple outfit. Very soon I'll show you what I found: the perfect christmas outfit :).

X, Sarah


Ten things I love


I've seen this kind of posts on several blogs and I always love to read them.
Therefore I decided to do one myself. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do :).

1. Antes de amarte amor. Nada era mío. 
 Pablo Neruda, subject of my master thesis and poetic mastermind has been and still is an incredible source of inspiration for me. He is the only one who is able to put into words what I feel for my loved ones. One of my biggest dreams - still to be accomplished - is walking the Pablo Neruda track in Chile.
2. Who doesn't love fresh sheets? 
3. The sophisticated, elegant, easygoing and extremely feminine style of Harry Potter actress Clémence Poesy is magnificent. Since she seems to be so modest, and even a bit shy, she is so much more realistic then all these other celebrity- stars. 
4. In winter I drink fresh tea day in, day out. 
5. A few weeks before I left for Norway, my oldest brother and I where asked to model for the new jewellery collection of a dear friend. I could easily imagine myself wearing this necklace when I get married. She is just gorgeous! 
6. This one could be the one I admire the most. The pureness of Asia, the simplicity of Budhism, the hopes and dreams of people having to live with absolutely nothing, their laughter and hopes and dreams should be an example for all off us.
7. Oh yes, also I fell for the Céline bag. In nude leather that is.
8. This blurry cell phone picture captures a lovely, crazy, chatty evening with friends in Antwerp. The simple things in life. 
9. Empty beaches and coconuts in Asia. My heaven on earth.
10. I'm a big fan of Javier Bardem and Pénelope Cruz, as actors ánd as a couple. Their performance in Viki, Cristina, Barcelona was awesome and did you see what a cute baby boy they have? :)