Night out

What a weekend: after an amazing birthday party Saturday night, I spent my Sunday doing absolutely nothing but sleeping, eating and watching movies. I must admit I found it hard to find just the perfect outfit for the evening, in the end I chose a simple vintage dress. What do you think?


Clémence Poesy

Clémence Poesy definitely is one of the most stylish people out there in 'celebrityworld'.
I adore her french taste, elegance and feminin outfits.
What do you think?


New kid on the block

I wasn't sure for a while wether I'd continue the blog, but in the end I thought: Why not?
I couldn't choose a better day to put the blog online again: there's a new shop in town, one who holds 2 of my favourite brands: Vince & Gat Rimon. The collection is very easygoing and simple, for a regular but funky day at school/work/... One more reason to visit Antwerps most fashionable street, de Nationalestraat :).