Athens: history and fun united

Since it is very hot here in Greece, I'm wearing headbands almost all the time :).
Actually, this one is a H&M scarf worn as a headband.    

Although I'm not a big ancient history fan, I must say that the Acropolis and the Parthenon are quite impressive.
Can you believe it is already there from 500BC?

My brother and me in front of the ancient Parthenon.
First fresh squeezed orange juice :).

So, after a 4 hour delay due to the strike, we were able to find our way into Athens. This city is vibrant, romantic and breathes history. Although there are still quite some demostrants in and around Syntagmasquare, we - as tourists - don't really feel this chaos and are really enjoying our stay here.

Hope you have a great holiday as well!


the Netherlands


I'm sorry for the lack of updates but my boyfriend and I just returned from a nice, silent weekend in the Netherlands. We went to this place called "de 3 akers", which basically is a small camping with cute little caravans :). We had the most cosy time. In a few days I'm leaving for Athens and I'm afraid I will not be able to update but stay tuned for the coming days because I have some great pics to show you!
X, Sarah

Ps: I've got no idea who made this dress, I found it in an outlet store.


Walking around

Pants: Cos, Top: Cos, Cardigan: Zara, Bag & sandals: Morocco

You must have seen this sandals a lot of times now, they definitely are my favourites.  I prefer easy flat shoes rather then high heels because - on a daily base - I have to walk or bike from one part of the city to the other. I think it's not really proficient doing it with high heels:). 

As you can see currently the weather in Belgium is not so good. It feels like autumn has arrived instead of summer. I can't wait to put on my dresses but for now you'll have to it with this 'autumnly' creation :).

X, Sarah 



 Jacket: Cos - Dress: Comme toi - Leggings: Kunert - Booties: IKKS - Bag: Morocco

I have some exciting news to share: I will be interning this summer at a belgian fashion and lifestyle magazine called De Morgen Magazine. I'm nervous, excited and happy at the same time. I'll start the first week of july after a short trip to Athens with my brother. He will be working/interning as a biotechnologist on a small island near Athens: Ikaria. Besides the Acropolis I have to admit that I have no idea what to visit in Athens, so all tips are welcome!

X, Sarah. 


Big knitwear and Duvel

Cardigan: Bellerose - Blouse: Cos - Jeans: Benetton - Scarf: Zara - Shoes: Birckenstock

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures but with this windy, rainy weather most of them came out blurry. This is just a plain simple comfy after- exams outfit, perfect for lazy afternoons or drinks with friends. In the background you can see my brother's pond, it is a little paradies right in the middle of the city. Due to the fact that he is a huge (it goes beyond imagination) Duvel (a belgian beer) fan, you will find Duvel things everywhere he goes :). I must say I really like this Duvel- "billboard" hanging at the wall in our garden.

So, go grab yourself a Duvel and enjoy the weekend!

X, Sarah




Together with Rue Blanche, Zuid represents one of my favourite belgian brands. 
Since more then 5 years designer Renée van Beurden searches the most beautiful fabrics, silhouettes and colors to create her elegant and timeless collections. These pictures of the upcoming fall/winter collection blew me off my feet. Seeing it for the first time I immediately thought: This is so me! I really love every single piece of the collection: it has everything to make you feel 'different', timeless and comfy at the same time. 

Really, Zuid never dissapoints. Last winter the first shop opened here in Antwerp and although I didn't go there yet, you know where you can find me next winter ;).

X, Sarah.


Light blue jeans dress

 Dress: Cos - Belt: vintage Bellerose- Shoes: River Woods - Cardigan: Zara - Bracelets: vintage 

So, today I had my last exams ever. It's hard to imagine that I - probably - will never have to study giant amounts of subject material again. I must honestly admit that after 5 years of academic studies, I'm completely done with it. Although I had an amazing 5 years, where all the clichés became reality - student days really are the best of your life :) - I'm now eager to start something new. This doesn't mean that I'm ready to start life as an employee though :). 

First, I'm going to enjoy my last long holiday. As you might have noticed I love travelling, I still have so many dreams concerning other countries, cultures, languages and even nature and his animals (who doesn't want to swim with dolphins?). There are so many exciting things to happen this summer, starting with Akkerveen (a little village in the Netherlands) in about one week. It'll be a quite weekend full of biking tours, long walks on the island where we will be staying, great food and so much more. 

Hopefully, you'll all have a great vacation as well :). Thank you all for your sweet comments, I really enjoy reading them.

X, Sarah



I'm turning 23 today and since I have to study there's not so much to celebrate.
In the meanwhile I'm used to having my birthday right in the middle of the examperiod but when I was still in secondary school, I really hated it :).

So today we ate some delicious strawberry pie - the best there is in Mechelen - and I got this watch I have been wanting for quite some time now. As I already mentioned in a previous post, I love the newest collection of Swatch watches and as of today this vibrant red one is mine! 

Enjoy your weekend, Sarah.


Jumpsuit adoration

 Cardigan: Zara
Jumpsuit: de Bijenkorf
Flats: Bensimon

Just a short post because I don't really have much inspiration today due to a head full of pedagogical terms, defiant disorders and do's and dont's :).This jumpsuit definitely is supercomfy! I found this one 2 years ago in Amsterdam and I've been looking for a similar one for quite a while now.

X, Sarah



Top: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Sfera
Bracelet: Morocco
Belt: vintage Bellerose
Bag from Amsterdam

I'm really loving the maxi trend. Long skirts are so comfy and stylish and 'different' and soft and ... :) They remind me of the sixties and it's crazy flower power and hippie period. Sometimes I think it would have been nice to have lived in that age. 

X, Sarah



Some days I wake up and feel melancholic. That's when I start browsing through all my pictures and get soaked by hundreds of memories. Today is one of these days :). Instead of studying, I'm collecting memories and dreaming about what is yet to come in a few weeks, this summer and next year. 

Most of my memories go back to citytrips, hiking-tours and family moments. These pictures are mainly taken during several trips I've made: finding our way on the GR20 in Corse, hiking trough Northern Sweden and -literally- stare bewildered at the most beautiful wild animal I've ever seen: the reindeer, putting our feet in the clear water of Crete and - up until now my most impressive experience - hiking through Vietnam. This last trip really has been an eye- opener for me: the fragility, honesty and sobriety of the vietnamese people, their state of mind, their religion, their food (!) and kindness goes further than any other culture I've ever got in contact with. 

Although I love sunbathing from time to time on a holiday, I find it more important to meet the locals, to get to know their rituals, ideas and religion. Therefore, - even when we went to Barcelona - I always search for unknown, silent places without tourists :). That's my idea of a good holiday.
X, Saar


Mechelen: streetstyle

Style inspiration: surf- and snowboarding.
Gorgeous necklace including an old, ethnic (from Bali) and unknown ball.

Massimo Dutti dress.
Max Mara sunnies
and an ice cream :)

I'm spending the weekend home - in Mechelen - where I normally study better. This year however, I found it very difficult to concentrate on the - oh so interesting - matter. 

Today I decided to do something else for the blog and went for streetstyle. There's a big "braderie" going on in Mechelen at the moment and, therefore, a lot of stylish people are present. First, I spotted Jessica, who is wearing a sporty and edgy outfit. I really like it how she combines a plain white dress with a cute blouse :). Second, we have Zita. She is my 'longest friend' as we say it, by that I mean that we grew up together playing Monopoly, learning how to skate, having big dreams and even more wishes. Since last summer she lives abroad, in Washington, and I really miss her. So, you can imagine how happy I was when she came back the day before yesterday for a short break in Belgium. So today we went for an ice cream  and - as usual - she was superstylish. I've always liked her taste and sense of fashion. 

X, Saar!

Ps: Have a great weekend!



Blue cardigan: Wood
Tank top: Cos
Skirt: Vintage Dries van Noten (Labels Inc.)
Belt: vintage Bellerose
Sandals: Morocco 

I just arrived home after spending the day with 2 of my dearest friends :). Although I should have been studying, I couldn't resist their offer to go and shop with them. Normally I prefer to shop alone or with my mother, I'm just more at ease then. But - I must say - shopping with these 2 buddies was great. We really had a blast.

We started the day strolling through our favourite shops: Cos, APC, Les Petites ..., we gave each other advise and we laughed all the time :). Afterwards we decided to go and eat something in one of Antwerps most cosy restaurants: Zürich. Sipping wine on the terrace I - once again - noticed the funky Swatch watches of my friends. I really like the way they are stylish and edgy at the same time. Although I'm a real Fossil fan when it comes to watches, I must admit I'm considering buying one of those (S)watches. What do you think?

Thanks again my sweet friend for this beautiful day!

X, Saar

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