Friday favourites

All pictures from Tumblr.

If there are two trends I will absolutely be loving this summer it'll be pastels and jeans: soft blue blouses, greyish tee- shirts, white dresses, lila shoes, navy blue jeanses paired with dark blue cardigans, etc. Stores are filling with new season items and I've already seen a to die for Charlie Says dress and one very special Marc Jacobs bag in cream. Oh, summer where are thee? ;-). 

I leave you with these pics and wish you all a great weekend.
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X, Sarah.


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures! They're great inspiration for spring. I'm excited to shop for some pretty pastels and lighter colored things to wear within the next couple months.

  2. eerste foto is geweldig!

  3. Hey Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog! I've added the translation to some posts ifn case You're interested :)
    Great inspiration post!

    Following :)

  4. Love the pastel colors and all these photos! Following you :)