Hope for Stockholm blouse
Cos belt
Fillipa K jeans
Charles Bensimon flats

A short and blurry outfitpost of what I wore yesterday.
I'm still not sure whether I should do outfitposts every once in a while or just stick to hotspots, icons, inspiration sources, trends etc.


Spring is in town

I think we can all feel that spring has kicked in.
So strange: I have more energy, jump out of bed in the mornings, put on my new favourite Bensimon shoes, stroll trough the streets of Antwerp and have even more energy at night when I have to teach.

Thereby I've discovered a new shop: Rosier 41. It's a second hand, vintage, designer shop with shoes, clothes, bag and sunglasses from Dior to Dries van Noten. Since I can't afford buying DVN in the 'real' shops, Rosier already is one of my favourite places to be. Check out the beautiful Dries van Noten silk blouse I found there :).

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Inspirational Kate

On this sunny tuesday I feel very inspired by Kate Bosworth.
The way she combines transparant tops with basic skirts is dazzling.
I might even say we will see much more transparant outfits these summer.

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50 something

I'm wearing:
Comptoir des Cotonniers blouse
Cos skirt

I'm sorry for the lack of updates but it has been extremely busy :).
This weekend we went to a place called Pure C to celebrate my fathers 50th birthday.
We ate, we made long beach walks, drank champaign and ate again.
We had the most amazing family time.



There are few places I love more than charming Morocco. I've already been there 2 times and I must admit: I've lost my heart there (as we say here in Belgium :)). This holiday my parents went to Essauouria and Marrakech and, offcourse, I always ask them to bring me a bunch of new items. The morrocons, as you can see, can make the most beautiful camel leather bags and sandals. Don't you think?



All pictures from cosstores.com

As some of you might have noticed already, I adore every kind of scandinavian design: furniture, clothing, simplicity, autors, ... I spent 2 weeks of my summer holiday out there in Sweden, Norway and Lapland and I fell in love with the people, the culture, the - healthy - food, the reindeers, the lakes and so much more. If it comes to scandinavian designers I have always been a huge Fillipa K. fan but since I discovered Cos almost 2 years ago, I must admit that I almost weekly go there to check out the beautiful designs. Recently I bought the second dress, adorable isn't it?


These pictures make me dream about spring, which still feels far, far away :).
I'm still searching for the perfect spring-summer blouse that I can wear with everything/everywhere: what do you think of these Style by Marina ones?
Have a nice weekend, SV.