Sofie Bly

How gorgeous are these shoes? Mainly the beautiful sandals/wedges on the first picture. 
Sofie Bly is the designer of these simple creations. As you can tell from the minimalistic silhouette of the shoes, she has her roots both in Norway and in Sweden. Scandinavia has been her inspiration to create this collection called "Circles" and I can assure you: Scandinavia can be pretty inspirational :).

Everyday when the sun rises, I feel like I have to go out and absorb as much vitamin D as possible. Sunrise is around 10 and she already dissapears around 3.30. Lucky for me the city is turning into winter wonderland with candles, lights, christmas trees, football fields beeing turned into huge skating fields and so much more :). It is just the snow that won't come and I kinda have the feeling the norwegians are really wanting Oslo to be white. 

X, Sarah



So, just a short post of todays outfit visiting a norwegian "julemarked" in Drammen. 
I am crazy in love with my warm new hat. Makes me feel like a real norwegian ;-).

ps: It is already freezing in Oslo and I suspect the snow will be here soon, brrr.

X, Sarah


Sailor chique

Sacha shoes, Scapa skirt, Wood shirt, Rue Blache skarf, Morrocon bag, Swatch Watch, Bellerose Belt

Since we decided to discover Oslo's harbour this sunday, I thought it would be nice to wear my new striped shirt from Wood. I felt like a sailor taking these pics :). This pretty red skirt is a Scapa one, a shop I usually wouldn't enter but I just couldn't resist this one. 

It is getting really cold here and darkness strikes around 4 PM. I leave for work when it's dark and when I am one my way home it is dark again. Strange feeling.

X, Sarah
Did you have a nice weekend?


Hiking in Nordmarka

Only 15 minutes from the city center of Oslo, you can find a magnificent area to hike called Nordmarka. Because I am a big fan of everything active outdoors like hiking, backpacking, making my own fire in front of the tent, ... this place is heaven on earth for me. Since we arrived a month ago we have been up there almost every weekend and I always feel so calm and extremely happy when I'm back home. I know there is nothing fashionable about my hiking gear but I didn't want to keep this pictures from you. The nature here is almost unbelievable and always makes me feel tiny and calm. The best remedy after a week of hard work.

X, Saar


Going for a stroll through the city

Ikks boots, Zara Jeans, Sessún shirt, Swatch watch.

Today was a sunny, lovely day in Oslo (yes, it is already dark here, so it feels the day is almost at his end :() and since we have a day off on Wednesdays we decided to go for a walk through the city. So, I wore a simple outfit which definitely made me feel really comfortable. I just adore this Sessún shirt. 

Hope you guys had a lovely day, let me know what you think!

X, Sarah



1. An outfit in which I felt extremely comfortable.
2. Champagne.
3. My boyfriends extremely lovely boots. Perfect for the Norwegian winter.
4. Thé perfect Christmas dress from COS.
5. Statement jewellery at PFW.
6. Mie, a cutie from Vietnam.
7. Juliette Binoche: what a woman. Remember "The English Patient"?



 Cos- sweater, Sacha shoes, Pieces bag, United colors of Benetton coat.

So, finally an outfit post! This oversized Cos sweater is definitely one of my favourite pieces this autumn. I really like the androgyn, oversized, masculine trend sweeping through fashion land. I do always need a feminin touch, that's why I tried to wear my hair a bit '60 like :).

Hope you like it,



Jeg elsker Norge


As you might have noticed I`m a huge fan of everything Scandinavian: design, fashion, retail, writers, sea food ... You can imagine how happy I was when I got my new job here :).
During the last weeks I have been drooling over the most beautiful shop windows, I´ve eaten the best reindeer in my life, I had more sea food then I could possibly eat on a conference and I met the most stylish people. It has to be said: scandinavian youngsters are among the most stylish ones I have ever seen. And wow they can make wedding dresses, I saw this one the other day and had to find out who the designer was. Unfortunately I still don´t know.

See you! There´s an outfit post coming up tomorrow with my new favourite Cos sweater :)