A basic dress

These pictures were taken by my brother on our last day of city tripping. I wish they were stille here :-). The funny guy you see on the third picture is a 'royal guard' taken his job very seriously parading in front of the palace. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful park: ideal for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

The COS- dress I'm wearing is an all time favourite: it's simple and fits every season. Hopefully spring will be here soon, so that I can go bare legged wearing sandals and skirts.

Although I'm not a fanatic Twitter- girl, you can always follow me for some more real life updates :-). 

X, Sarah


Hotspot: Åpent Bakeri

Åpent Bakeri, Parkveien 27, Oslo.

Coffee, cakes, home made bread, brioches, ... in Norway it's all about enjoying life while treating yourself a good sweet piece of cake, pie, or whatever it is you like. You can find a coffee shop on every corner of the street and - I assure you - it is always busy. 

My personal favourite amongst the variety of cosy little places stocked with beautiful designs and sweet delights is the so called Åpent Bakeri. It's all very clean and simple: well baked bread, friendly staff, good prices and the best brunch in town (see the last picture):-).

So, when you're in Oslo and you'd like a simple well-priced lunch, Åpent Bakeri is the place to be (although I must say that I'm far from having visited all the coffee-places this capital has to offer).

X, Sarah.


Feeling orange

             Wearing: Vans shoes, H&M pants, Cos sweater, Zara jacket.

Wonderful weather asks for a colorful outfit, right? I decided to pair my new orange trousers (which I found at H&M for only 200 NOK) with this great Cos sweater. I love it to wear similar colors in different fabrics and shades, makes an outfit a bit different. I'm pretty sure that the upcoming ton-sur-ton trend will fill spring with pretty (pastel) colors. 

Like any other girl in the world I'm already dreaming about the Marni at H&M collection. It suits my style perfectly. As a filologist I like it how they chose "Marni at H&M" instead of "for". From my point of view it shows how Consuelo Castiglioni made a collection in collaboration with H&M, meaning that every brand adds its own touch: low cost but durable fabrics. She didn't design something particulary for H&M, but used her own ideas, typical style and fabrics to create pieces for the high street label, keeping all the aspects of it in mind. 

I love it how the use of different words can create such a wide range of interpretations :-).

X, Sarah


Dots and leather

Wearing: Zara leather Jacket, Lindex dotted blouse, Lee jeans, Sacha shoes.

A quick post before heading to the city center for some city trippin' with my brothers. I'm so happy temperatures are rising in Oslo, I can finally wear my favourite Zara leather jacket again. Today I paired it with a new dotted blouse which I found at Lindex. Hopefully spring will kick in soon, so that I can always go out without socks: I just love that feeling!

X, Sarah


Fashion Week recap

Although the Fashion Weeks are still not over, my first one finished last week and I wanted to show you a short overview of the best moments:

1. Coctails at the Moods of Norway afterparty.
2. Afterparty at Stratos.
3. Final walk during Opening Night. What an experience.
4. I was amazed by the amount of Norwegian press being present.
5. During OFW I also attend an other event: the new collection by Eva Emmanuelsen. More on that later!
6. Yummie drinks.

I'm grateful for the opportunity I got, I had a blast. My brothers are visiting this week, so I might not be able to update as much as usual but I'll do my best!

X, Sarah


Personal: Scandinavia

No fashion post today, I wanted to write you about something else. I've noticed that for many people Scandinavia is some kind of unexplored, unknown, far away area in the North of Europe. And I must admit that before our trip through Sweden and Norway in 2010 and before moving here, I had the same feeling. Back then I thought of Scandinavia as being minimalistic, distant, lonely, full of reindeers, salmon, silent woods and blond beautiful people, dark, and, thus, not holiday proof.

Now I would use different adjectives to describe how I feel about Scandinavia. I admire the point of view of Northern people: they value basic things such as family, trust, respect for every race, gender or idea and off course nature. It seems that they are one with nature, they go outdoors as much as they can: it may snow, be minus 15 and very dark outside, they still take out their ski's after work for a cross country trip in the mountains. This doesn't mean people don't like to go out and cities aren't vibrant: I can assure you that they definitely know how to throw a party (or at least Norwegians do so:)). And although Northern people might not be as open as, for example, Spaniards are, they are kind and generous.

Off course, beautiful blond girls and reindeers are also well presented here but Scandinavia is much more than that. It has something mysterious and even magical :). So, if you're doubting on where to go on your next holiday or citytrip, I can firmly suggest you to visit Northern Europe. I'm happy to hear your thoughts on this subject. 

X, Sarah


A classic look

Wearing: Solo headband, Rue blanche blouse, Cos skirt, Sacha shoes, Morris clutch.

A more classic look today. Perfect for an entire day of work and dinner with friends later: no need to change :-). I'm not the clutch kind of type but this one is practical: just the way I like it.



New in: Vans

I was wanting some new casual sport shoes for a while, so when I saw these beauties I didn't hesitate for a minute. The fact that were on a 70% discount made it even better :-). I already imagine myself wearing them with chinos and an oversized sweater. 

X, Sarah.


Moods of Norway

Almost every day I pass the Moods of Norway store here on Bogstadsveien and regularly I think: "this is too much of everything: colors, prints, fabrics, designs". Therefore I didn't have a lot of expectations for their AW13 collection, but little did I know :-). 

The show was one spectacle with dansers, changing lights and dozens of stylish, crazy people shouting: "Norway, Norway, woohoow Moods!". The men's collection was typically norwegian, with trousers and blazers in tweed and suède, printed t-shirts and easygoing yet stylish sweaters. For us, women, I saw beautiful dresses, a to-die-for jumpsuit (on the fifth picture), big shiny necklaces, long and short coats and perfectly cut pants. 

Last came the sports section, also typical norwegian: thermic underwear with snowprints, cosy cardigans and printed blouses. I'm pretty sure now that we have a Moods of Norway sport-section-shop at Bogstadsveien :). I had a great evening wearing my beloved grey Cos- dress.

Hope you like it, Sarah 
Ps: Since I didn't have seating, the pictures are not of the best quality, my apologizes for that.


OFW: Kristine Vikse

On Tuesday I attended the Kristine Vikse show. As you can see Kristines designs are feminine and simple. I think they are particulary adequat for women slightly older then me. I, for example, am pretty sure my mom would have loved this show: knee length skirts, simple cardigans and beautiful scarfs. I've selected my 4 favourite silhouettes.

Soon I'll be leaving for the Moods of Norway show. I've recieved messages and e-mails saying it will be a "super duper show with a beautiful party afterwards". They sure are able to make one feel welcome :-). 

Laters! Sarah


Outfit: jumpsuit

 I'm wearing: SamsoeSamsoe jumpsuit, BRZ belt, FilippaK cardigan, Sacha shoes, Vietnamese earrings.

At OFW opening night I decided to wear my new Samsoe&Samsoe jumpsuit. It's simple, yet feminine just the way I like it.
Jumpsuits are among my favourite pieces, they are just so different but not over the edge what makes them so attractive. 
I can't wait to wear this black one in summer with sandals and some sunnies.