Light blue jeans dress

 Dress: Cos - Belt: vintage Bellerose- Shoes: River Woods - Cardigan: Zara - Bracelets: vintage 

So, today I had my last exams ever. It's hard to imagine that I - probably - will never have to study giant amounts of subject material again. I must honestly admit that after 5 years of academic studies, I'm completely done with it. Although I had an amazing 5 years, where all the clichés became reality - student days really are the best of your life :) - I'm now eager to start something new. This doesn't mean that I'm ready to start life as an employee though :). 

First, I'm going to enjoy my last long holiday. As you might have noticed I love travelling, I still have so many dreams concerning other countries, cultures, languages and even nature and his animals (who doesn't want to swim with dolphins?). There are so many exciting things to happen this summer, starting with Akkerveen (a little village in the Netherlands) in about one week. It'll be a quite weekend full of biking tours, long walks on the island where we will be staying, great food and so much more. 

Hopefully, you'll all have a great vacation as well :). Thank you all for your sweet comments, I really enjoy reading them.

X, Sarah


  1. you have a sweet outfit :)

  2. The dress is so perfect for summer.I love how you paired it with the green cardigan and the gray shoes :)

  3. oh what a lovely dress.it's denim right???i love it with that belt :)i really like your blog.i am following you.it would make me very happy if you followed me back if u want :)

  4. Wauw, I love-love-love that dress! Have been looking for a pretty denim dress for ages! Should have known Cos would have one! Congrats on never ever having to study again! Looking forward to next Monday, when I'll be able to say the same ^^ x

  5. Leuke outfit!
    Bedankt voor je comment
    Dat moet toch een heerlijk gevoel zijn, klaar met je examens en dan heerlijk vakantie :D
    Haha ik ben ook net klaar met mn examens, mr dan van de havo dus dit zullen niet de laatste examens zijn voor mij

  6. Ik ga volgend jaar - hopelijk - werken! Na m'n stage in juli eens beginnen zoeken. En jij? Want ik las op twitter ook ooit iets over stageplannen? Buitenland gaat nog steeds door? x

  7. Great dress!

    follow me-

  8. Gorgeous blog!should we follow each other?

  9. Thank you for being passed. you like to follow each other? Very interesting your outfit! :D Soon

  10. Proficiat!! geniet van de zomer :)

  11. Wat een heerlijk gevoel! Heel leuk vestje heb je aan.
    Fijne vakantie, geniet ervan!


  12. Zo leuk dat je examens nu helemaal gedaan zijn! Bij mij zal het toch nog een tijdje duren :D
    Mooie jurk trouwens en die cardigan is ook heel tof!

  13. Mooie outfit! Ik was u toen toch tegengekomen hehe! En giscorrectie brrr heb ik nog nooit gehad! Je had echt een examen met meurkeuzevragen? Ik dacht dat dat alleen voorkwam in de richtingen met statistiek en al =).

    Gij hebt mooie bruine benen, echt waar! haha
    Wanneer vertrek je naar Azië? x. christin

  14. Aw, your dress is really the best!! I've looked high and low for the perfect light jean dress and haven't found one yet. Yours is perfect and I love it paired with the green cardi.

    Congrats on finishing up your studies. How exciting!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog darling! Following now:) xx Marisa

  15. I'm totally in love with your cardigan; it's the perfect shade of green, and the elbow patches are darling! Congrats on finishing school!

  16. I love the color combination! Very lovely!
    And thank you for visiting my blog.

    Jeanique x

  17. i absolutely love how casual yet chic this outfit is! and i cannot get enough of those elbow patches! thanks for stopping by my blog! ;)


  18. love this outfit! thank you the sweet words on my blog!!

  19. darling LOVE EVERYTHING about this shot, the shirt, the patches on your cardigan, the COLOUR of the cardigan! thank you for being a beautiful new follower and I am definitely following back xxx

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