Athens: history and fun united

Since it is very hot here in Greece, I'm wearing headbands almost all the time :).
Actually, this one is a H&M scarf worn as a headband.    

Although I'm not a big ancient history fan, I must say that the Acropolis and the Parthenon are quite impressive.
Can you believe it is already there from 500BC?

My brother and me in front of the ancient Parthenon.
First fresh squeezed orange juice :).

So, after a 4 hour delay due to the strike, we were able to find our way into Athens. This city is vibrant, romantic and breathes history. Although there are still quite some demostrants in and around Syntagmasquare, we - as tourists - don't really feel this chaos and are really enjoying our stay here.

Hope you have a great holiday as well!


  1. so good to see you in athens!i know it has been a mess protest-wise...

  2. Oh so you are in Greece!! Love it! I am living in Athens so if u have any questions, hit me up! Love the headband! x


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  4. What a beautiful place to see! All the history there must be overwhelming. Hopefully one day I'll have a chance to visit. x

  5. Thanks for the lovely photos...
    Greece is a lovely country full of history and wonderful culture. I love their food too.

    Love the way you use a scarf for a headband,
    it looks good on you.