This is Norway 2#

1. Hanneli Mustaparta: Norway's most known fashion blogger and my absolute favourite :).

2. Sara Strand: a very personal favourite. Her style is very simple, just the way I like it. She writes both in Norwegian and English.

3. Camilla Pihl :  this pretty Norwegian has found the perfect balance between sharing personal things, outfits and her cooking skills. Very diverse! She only writes in Norwegian.

4. Gine Margrethe maintains a nice and simple blog revealing her very appealing closet.

5. Style Devil: a blogger that definitely had to be on this list is Marian, the blogger behind StyleDevil. She has an incredibly edgy style which suits her great :).

Hanneli Mustaparta, Norway's most known fashion blogger, was the 
only Norwegian blogger I knew before moving here. I must admit that she is my absolute favourite: not only her style is flawless, minimalistic, simple and sophisicated but also the pictures she takes are mindblowing (Sorry for the overload of superlatives :-). 

I - being a fool - thought that the Norwegian blogosphere would be rather small. That is until I actually moved here and discovered the wide range of blogs this country has to offer. I selected my 5 favourites: they are absolutely worth taking a look at! 

X, Sarah


  1. Gorgeous post!

  2. I love Hanneli too! She replied my twitter mention once and I just flipped, lovely blog x