This is Norway 1#

So, one of the new categories I want to introduce is this one. Every 2 weeks I'll show you one of my favourite places in Norway: it can be a café, a shop, a piece of nature or maybe just a street. Hope you'll like it!

In Norway people love to be outdoors: walking, barbequeing, chilling, running, drinking coffee, cross countrying etc. I sometimes notice how people just seem to wander around the city without any purpose whatsoever. Just to be out. When the sun is out, it gets even better. Parcs and cafés are filled with young and old people with children, dogs, toys, music. 

My absolute favourite place to go to when the sun shines is St. Hanshaugen parc. It gives you a beautiful view over the city. It's closeby where I live and it breathes charm and quality time. Oh, and while being there don't forget going for a lovely lunch at Colette's Café. They serve great burgers :-). 

See you! Sarah


  1. The cafe looks delightful :) I am loving your new category

  2. Great photos! Lovely post!