Favourite jewels

So, after posting one picture of our photoshoot for the new jewelry line of a Ria Lins some of you requested to see all the pictures. Here you go! Since her new collection is called "Connections", Ria had the idea to use real persons and their connections. That is how she asked my brother and I to take part in the shoot... I have always been a huge fan of her work, she uses pure and simple materials and makes everything herself. That is how every piece is unique. 

At the start of the shoot, we had to choose our favourite piece and this beautiful necklace inmediately caught my eye. I mean, this could be my wedding necklace right? Then we had to admire each others jewels :). Isn't my brothers broche beautiful? 

ps: it is snowing heavily in Oslo, soon there will be snow white outfitpics! 

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  1. Hele mooie juwelen, en zo'n leuke foto's van jou en je broer!