There have been several years where my beauty ritual consisted only of Clinique's 3 steps plan. It would only take me  minutes and I'd feel fresh and clean. I've never used much make- up but starting to work fulltime with all the down- and upsides made me want to have some basic stuff just to give my eyes or skin that extra boost in the morning after a short night of sleep. Since I discovered Shiseido's cleansing soap, I've never used Cliniques one again. Only  seconds after washing my face with Shiseido's soap, my skin feels vibrant and new. The effect is incredible. At least in my case :-).

I also bought myself Clinique's eye serum, which basically just feels fresh around my eyes and lights them up in the morning. Don't know wether it really decreases the swelling I have around my eyes every morning after just waking up but it does feel fresh. And then there is my YSL mascara, which is a good basic item to have in my opinion. Although I don't use it very often, the Lancôme limited edition blush is very natural and suits me perfectly. Oh yes, as you can see my favourite perfume in the whole wide world is Narcisco Rodriguez' For Her

Still searching for some extra basics to fill my beauty rack though. A daycream and a moisturizer for example, any suggestions?



  1. Narcisooo, ook één van mijn favorietjes :) Ik las dat Clinique een nieuwe versie van hun Moisture Surge heeft uitgebracht, een echte dagcreme-versie, misschien kan je die eens proberen, supergoed voor droge huidjes, en ik kan me voorstellen dat de koude lucht in Noorwegen niet altijd even lief is voor je huid!

  2. Dagcreme van shiseido Pure is ook super! Voelt heel licht aan =]

  3. De dagcrème van Shiseido is een échte aanrader. Ik heb die ook, niet zoals die reinigingszeep. Voor mij is die alleszins perfect :)

  4. Is dat 3 stappenplan van Clinique fijn? Ik zit namelijk al een tijdje te denken om t te kopen, maar ik twijfel omdat het toch redelijk prijzig is.

    Narcisco ruikt ook heel lekker ja! ;)


  5. OOOh! I must try the shiseido facewash! I am using Keihls moisturizer now and so far its fantastic :)

  6. It depends on your skin type really. If you tell me a bit about your skin type I can probably start recommending things that I've either used myself or heard other people rave about!

    Sunny xx