Going for a stroll through the city

Ikks boots, Zara Jeans, Sessún shirt, Swatch watch.

Today was a sunny, lovely day in Oslo (yes, it is already dark here, so it feels the day is almost at his end :() and since we have a day off on Wednesdays we decided to go for a walk through the city. So, I wore a simple outfit which definitely made me feel really comfortable. I just adore this Sessún shirt. 

Hope you guys had a lovely day, let me know what you think!

X, Sarah


  1. What an amazing autumn outfit!!! Love it! :o)


  2. love everything about that outfit, especially the shirt !

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, hope to hear more of you!



  3. your outfit is amazing!!!! square-shirt is one of our basic!!!
    we like you blog so we are your new followers ok??
    huge kiss from hidden in your closet ("escondidas en tu armario" in spanish)

  4. Hi Sarah! thank you for your comments, i looked at your blog and i simply adore it! + you have beautiful pics of Norway, i love Scandinavia as well - I have been to Denmark when i lived in Europe and loved it so much.

    I will follow your blog Sarah!

    Ariane xxxx

  5. Really inspiring, it's such a perfect outfit for a fall walk.

  6. Ik ben geen fan van ruitjeshemden, maar 't staat u wonderwel!