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 Growing up as the daughter of a musician, there were 3 stages in my relationship towards music:

1) age 4 - 7: admiration. I had to, I wanted to, I needed to play an instrument myself. So, at the age of 4 I choose the violin.
2) age 7 - 12: whenever I could, I accompanied my dad to concerts, matinees, ensembles etc. Meanwhile, I played the violin with devotion.
3) age 12 - 17:  hearing my dad play the flute day after day, week after week, month after month slowly turned my love for music into an obligation: not again! Pff, do I really have to go to the academy of music? Therefore, at the age of 17 I stopped playing the violin as well as listening to any other kind of classical music. After all those years I honestly was fed up with it. Until this sunday ...

My brothers best friend, Mathias, who is a professional percussion player, had his final exam for the Academy. This is similar to a final dissertation on - lets say - economics or spanish literature. Although, I - once again - didn't feel like going to this concert, I felt a strong obligation towards my brother to go and support his best friend.

When we entered the room, I saw all these old people sitting there being ready for a "beautiful sunday morning full of music" and I really felt out of place. But then it happened, Mathias played his first solo piece on the kettledrum and I - without expecting it at all - I fell in love all over again with music. Honestly, I felt 4 again, listening to my dad playing a beautiful concerto on his flute,  feeling the magic he spread :)

This whole sunday morning I felt the magic of music again, so strongly that I'm considering re-playing the violin :). Do you also have those mixed feeling towards music? 

X, Saar


  1. Net wat ik nodig had, een glimlach op mijn gezicht aan het begin van een grijze dag :).

  2. Oi Sarah! Eu amo música e acho que deveria voltar a tocar sim, qualquer forma de arte é válida! Se cuida! ^^

  3. What a great story :) I couldn't imagine my life without music, my husband is always making me discover new artists, new bands, new genres... it can heal my soul and it can make me dance all night! :)

    Thanks for stopping by mizdragonfly.blogspot.com - now following you, hope you'll follow me back :)


  4. This is the cutest photo ever. So you started at age 4. My son is super into music and we would love him to play an instrument and he is turning 4 next month. I just am not sure if he has the discipline to sit still to learn something so complex.
    Thank you for visiting my blog the other day.

  5. growing up in such creative environment... jealous :)
    however i developed the same fear of musical instruments because somehow I had to learn the guitar ..so as soon as I could stop it, I did and never went back. although now i regret it;)

  6. You should totally start playing again! I wish I knew how to play an instrument, but I possess no musical talent whatsoever :) Had such a great time today, see you soon! x

  7. I surely couldn't live without music but sadly I play no instrument so I only have a listener's view ! Lovely blog, if you want we can follow each other ? Let me know =) Kisses from Italy


  8. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog dear :D Music always has it ways of cheering me up, even at the lowest point, can't live without music :D



  9. You should star playing again if you feel like to!
    I'm feed-up with piano now :/ Maybe for couple years I'll feel the same like you feel now.

    I have new post on my blog and I need your opinion :]